Down Time

Oh, hey there!  Ever wonder what teachers of fashion do during Winter and Spring breaks?

Stuff.  Fashion stuff.  Catching up.  Went to the doctor.  Going to the mechanic.  Starting some seeds.

Hobby #4,219.

So here’s my last couple of months in a nutshell:

Totally Random Thing: I got my blue laces from, you guessed it, the Blue Lace Project!  The boy wonders behind Flint and Tinder can really do no wrong in the Kickstarter arena.  This is their “yellow ribbon” to show support for domestic manufacturing.  Best data ever: according to the US Department of Commerce, every $1 spent on American made products fuels another $1.40 in spending elsewhere in the US economy.  Problem: I just realized I don’t have any shoes that need laces.

…with a sticker and a temporary tattoo!

Trade Shows: the newest one I went to was the Men’s Capsule Show that has the “best high-end, progressive brands and directional, independent designers.”  And indeed they did.  It was a men’s show but I still kept questioning what I was wearing.  Best part (after the clothes of course) The venue was called “Basketball City”!!

(Not sure why they need parentheses.)
Too cool for school
Too cool for school.

Factory Visit:  I took a trip to what I’ve christened “The Cleanest Factory in the World” in Reading, Pa.  The decided word for their product is “heirloom.”

Old stripey-stripes.

Fashion DL: caught up with industry friends, also said goodbye to another who is continuing her very fashionable life in NYC and she deserves all the success that comes her way. 😉  I scoped out a few new stores like P’s & Q’s, but I mostly saw a lot of them shutter, basically, what the gossip is.

Keep those dreams alive, my dear.
Keep those dreams alive, my dear.

Watched: Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s  Here are my favorite quotes that speak to the emotional impact clothing has for people:

Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy about Linda Fargo: “She gets the poetry.”

David Hoey: “A million and a half people see these windows and it’s an opportunity to let them dream and step outside of themselves.”

Museums: caught the Trendology exhibit at FIT.  I love this museum.  It’s free, it’s short, and there’s a bathroom.  This exhibit in particular was excellent at illustrating how fashion really matters.

Reading: Empress of Fashion.  What a lady character.  She had a scotch and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch every day.  Oh, and she reinvented fashion for generations to come.  However,  she’s not very good at feedback.  One time she rejected a photo because “There is no langour in the lips.”  We all need more langour…

Freelance: a fitting, sourcing, some pattern making, and some drawing.  Did I say that?  Yes, I did!  For the first time in a while, someone asked me to draw something!  It’s amazing how a little bit of professional confirmation can make you feel like you know what you’re doing.

If I can’t own one, I can draw one.  So there.

Create: have you heard of Descience?  Well, I’m collaborating with a smarty-pants scientist and turning his research into a magnificent garment worthy of a big fashion show in the Fall.  And of course, I created a Tumblr site to document the process!

It's all about the layers.
Too much red?  Yeah, too much red.

Brushing up skillz:  sometimes I take a Skillshare class to get ideas (and, of course, to critique people’s video performances).  I’m undecided on the caliber of the content but I really like the price and the democratic possibilities.  I’m also trying out my very first MOOC!  I’m snooping a trend forecasting class through The Fold.  I’ll let you know how they both go.

Sigh.  There is still a big ball of cat hair at the bottom of the steps as you can imagine.