Fashion and Thanksgiving

Now there’s two words that don’t really go together.

I know that most folks are thinking about travel, food, family and friends so I’m keeping it simple.  I wanted to reflect upon how important silhouettes are when designing and show you that not all fashion is so body-conscious.  So here are some forgiving silhouette ideas for what you can wear to dinner and not worry about feeling constricted in your clothing after that third helping of mashed potatoes.  Also, you can freak your family out.

Louis Vuitton.  What fashionable competitive eaters wear.
Prada.  Not afraid of turkey coma.
Akris.  No one will ever know you’ve unzipped your pants.
Chanel.  Hint: You shouldn’t eat cranberry sauce when wearing this.
Jil Sander.  Pockets big enough for leftovers.
Balenciaga.  More pie please.

Snark aside, I think these are beautiful designs.  Have a cozy, happy holiday.  Whatever you decide to wear.


3 thoughts on “Fashion and Thanksgiving

  1. Is it wrong to say that I want e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g from that first photo (including a porter to carry my matching luggage)? Just discovered you have a blog (I was a little preoccupied the past eight months); I love it!

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