My Mood Board

I watched this video on Garance Dore’s blog a while back and in her interview with Guillaume Henry he said something that really stuck with me: “Fashion should be part of a dream.”  I really loved that.  Not only does it go along with one of the themes of the very blog you’re reading but it speaks to finding inspiration and developing mood boards too.  I once worked for a company that NEVER made a mood board or worked from a theme.  It showed.  There was something empty, out of place and in-cohesive about the designs and collection. Your inspiration gives you depth, meaning, relevance, and even humanity.

I took a little time today to daydream and put together a mood board of my obsessions, interests, and some things that I want to eat that may not be edible.

Gold star to whomever finds the goat.

You may be asking where I get all these pictures from.  Today, there are great sites like Polyvore and Pinterest that take the work of archiving out of it. For the record, I spend time waste an entire day on those sites too, but I still crave the actual picture.  I’ll even go as far as printing it out just so I can “have” it.  But in a gross, old-fashioned, packrat habit of mine, I save it and file it into one of these babies:

I have several of these boxes and they’re REALLY fun to move.

Some of these pictures I’ve carried around with me for years because they provide so much inspirational nutrients.  I used to keep them really organized into categories as broad as “sleeves” and “politics” and “religious things” and “giraffes” and “rich people” and my personal favorite, “things I want.” (It’s important to draw inspiration from more than just clothing.  Food, text, and animals feature prominently in mine. THERE’S A WORLD OUT THERE!) It became too much to cross-reference them when I couldn’t decide how to file things anymore.  Do the Frida Kahlo pictures from Vanity Fair go in “movies” or “Frida” or “Mexico” or “Annie Leibowitz”?  It’s a job for someone full of Adderall.  Before I knew it, I was trying to manage the stupid files instead of actually using them.  So I let them be a mess now and on days that I’m feeling smurfy, I open up my fashion toy box, root through the pictures, and JUST. GET. LOST.


3 thoughts on “My Mood Board

  1. After your post I felt I needed some “mood board making” too and went through my basket with all the pictures and magazine scraps I have accumulated. And guess who I found there? The Russian Lady in the red coat!

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