My turn in the hot seat.

It’s so easy to ask someone to do something.  I do that all the time with my students forgetting that this is the first time they’re hearing this information while I’ve had years to have it sink in.  I have to admit that it took me a long time to really understand, let go, and implement the tenets of design; especially in reference to the drawing/designing technique I posted about a few weeks ago.  So I gave myself the lesson this time and I’m showing it to you in all it’s non-judgmental glory to critique.  I cranked up some Eastern European folk music and flipped through one of my books for inspiration and then let her rip.

Take a look at it and tell me what you notice.  Do I fully explore an idea?  What sort of jumps do I take from design to design?  Big? Small?  Am I consistent?  How do you see some of these design elements manifesting themselves in real garments?  Is it madness?  Are there any designs or elements that you think would be a good starting point for the basis of a collection?

Starting with the good old shift dress. I can’t believe I’m posting this on the internet. TOUGH CROWD.
Not quite Eastern European but more of a tribal feel. I’m trying to go with it.
And here we have Bob Mackie. I had to pull out my big sharpie to color the shape in.  Could be interpreted as a really cool print.
A little Rudi Gernreich to me.
Are you with me still? I’m feeling this a little more.
I’m only just beginning to cook here.  I’m having the urge to take bigger and bigger steps.

So that’s that.  I also have to admit that I was wiped out after this.  It took about 30 minutes (a little less than a minute per sketch) of real focus but I could have kept on going because I wasn’t drawing garments.  I was drawing what my inspiration helped me to draw which was a lot less tiring than drawing garments.

My personal fav is the 2nd garment on the last page.  I know it looks like a muumuu (yay muumuu!) but it kind of has a runway “finale” feel. It’s also one of the few sketches that didn’t emphasize the waist and that spoke to me for some reason.  I’m interested to decide/develop/discover what the doodle could be in the seams. Is it feathers? Raw seams? Cat hair?  So I’m going to run with that one.  Unless you tell me otherwise.


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